Napoleon Dynamite Paper Co.

Napoleon Dynamite Paper Company is an e-business
that provides all types of paper products for any kind
of project. This identity and packaging was inspired by
Napoleon’s love for drawing and goofy characteristics.





Make it in Mississippi

Josh Mabus, owner of a small ad agency in Tupelo, MS, asked Mississippi
State University design students to create ad campaigns expanding his
idea of “making it in Mississippi”. This Make it in Mississippi campaign was
designed to encourage people to come see what Mississippi really has to offer.
Campaign includes: logo, poster, mobile app, and social media presence.



Creative Minds Campaign

Due to the lack in financial support of the arts, inspirational
spaces for designers are hard to come by on the campus of
Mississippi State University. Creative Minds is an ad campaign
for the Mississippi State Department of Art, raising funds to
support the reconstruction of all art facilities, and enhance
the environments that help build creative minds. Campaign
includes: logo, poster series, donor gift, and stop motion video.

The Creative Minds video can be found by following this link: